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Meet the


Alex Milhem

Director of Operations

Former special Air Force unit ops, commercial pilot rated, with a rich family aviation background, and a wealth of knowledge in the aviation industry. Applying my expertise as Director of Operations at IsraJets.

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Isaac Cortese

Charter Sales Director

Former IDF tank commander with a degree in law and business administration from Reichman University. Hails from a long line of private aviation pilots, bringing a rich family tradition to a diverse skill set.

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Shay Ben Zimra

Business Development Director

Innovative entrepreneur, Shay transitioned from law to fully embrace his genuine passion - Aviation. An airborne veteran with a European mindset, Shay enjoys la Dolce vita, tech in aviation.

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Etti Susterman

Charter Sales

Passionate about aviation, transitioning from a marketing degree to becoming a private jet charter advisor. Always dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service possible.

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Rebecca Faj

Client Relations Specialist and Flight Support

As an avid traveler, Rebecca knows how important trips are from beginning to end. Using her experience in customer service, and excellent logistics and problem solving skills, she's dedicated to ensuring a seamless and worry free experience for all our flyers.

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Alexandre Rebello

Executive Accounting

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Jesús Reyna

Creative Director

As a passionate graphic designer, my mission is to turn ideas into reality. My creative lens focuses on aesthetics, functionality, and visual storytelling. We constantly work to elevate our company’s identity to new heights.

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Marketing Director

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Flight Support

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