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Charter Fleet

IsraJets is equipped to accommodate a diverse range of aircraft sizes, spanning from light jets to ultra-long-range categories. Our 24/7 charter services are designed to cater to your unique requirements for every flight.

Light Jets
For a quick trip (under two-three hours) with seven or less passengers, Light Jets are the perfect choice. These small jets are able to land at smaller airports, allowing you to fly in as close as possible to your destination.
Super Light Jets
With enhanced size, range, and comfort, Super Light Jets are a great option for those looking for a Light Jet with a little more cabin, luggage, and passenger space. These aircrafts can easily navigate short runways at smaller airports and private airstrips, making them perfect for travelers who want to avoid crowds.
Midsize Jets
With greater range (allowing for trips between four-five hours) and space for up to eight passengers, Midsize Jets are a great choice for those who want the convenience of access to smaller airports while traveling in style. The extra room on a Midsize Jet allows for a lavatory on board and additional luggage space.
Super Midsize Jets
Super Midsize Jets are fast, efficient, and can accommodate up to nine passengers. Their added amenities, such as retractable work stations, leather seating, standing headroom, baggage space and service galleys, make them especially attractive.
Heavy Cabin Jets
Heavy Cabin Jets provide the ultimate luxury experience with custom interiors, a dedicated in-flight crew and concierge, and cutting-edge on-board technology. These have a range of approximately 4,000 miles without refueling, allowing for convenient cross-country travel for up to 14 passengers.
Ultra Long Range Jets
Capable of up to 11 hours of non-stop flight time and normally configured with first-class seating, Ultra Long Range Jets are ideal for longer trips. Up to 16 passengers can travel in superior comfort and style, with ample baggage space and additional features such as private rooms, catering services and more.